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2D machine control made easy! This entry-level system is simple to install and gives precise depth measurements, height and inclination of the bucket and shows the bucket position on the display. An optional LED display shows at a glance whether the target level has already been achieved, or whether further excavation is required.

The Xsite EASY system is perfect for foundation construction, excavation or embankment construction, or for levelling excavation.

Improve your accuracy onsite with the Xsite PRO 2D system, with features beyond the standard Xsite EASY system. With Xsite PRO you can also benefit from additional features, like upgrade to two GNSS antennas, which determine the position of the excavator via satellite. Get real-time feedback via the 8.4″ touch screen display for optimal working experience.

Increase site safety and improve efficiency with just the one operator needed to achieve the perfect level. The operator can work exactly according to plan and meet the required levels quickly and accurately without leaving the machine.
The system can also be upgraded from 2D to 3D functionality in a very short time and in a cost-efficient manner.

Get reliable elevation and slope control for your next levelling jobsite. Thanks to the world’s largest sensor selection, the MOBA 2D system range is the right choice for all types of levelling, for applications including land levelling, road construction, agricultural site preparation and airfield construction

Product range includes:

  • CB.2001 receiving system
  • CB.D2 receiving system
  • CB.DUO2 receiving system
  • GS-506 system (for graders and dozers)


An optional elevation mast can be installed that allows the operator to accurately offset their working height, for example to cut out 100 mm of unwanted soil.

The CB.2001 features an easy-to-use toggle switch display, while the more advanced 2D levelling system all feature an intuitive switch layout and large LCD display

Introducing the world’s most flexible levelling system for road construction!

The MOBA-matic and Big Sonic-Ski are compatible with pavers of any machine and are extremely easy to operate. The operator can control all important functions via four main keys, while the grade and slope of the paver screed are automatically adjusted.

With the world’s largest selection of sensors for levelling systems, as well as the flexibility to operate interchangeably with each other, the MOBA-matic is guaranteed to add value to your paving solutions.