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How to Integrate SharpGrade for Next-Level Grading Accuracy

If you work in the construction industry, you know the importance of using high-quality grading equipment. SharpGrade is an industry-leading grading solution for all types of skid loaders, offering precision levelling and exceptional innovation. Whether you’re building new roads for a subdivision or levelling a construction site to build on, SharpGrade takes precision to another level.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of SharpGrade’s revolutionary grader blades and the software that further enhances the levelling experience.  

What are grader blades?

Grader blades are used for precision levelling tasks. Most graders attach to the front of a skid steer loader, and the blades are used to scrape along the ground to level surfaces. You’ll quite often see them being used in road construction. In addition, grader blades are used to prepare building sites, roads, and landscaping.

Naturally, the better your grader and blades, the more precise you can be. Getting the right types of attachments for levelling is crucial because it’s such an important part of the building process. So, if there’s any piece of machinery you don’t want to go cheap on, it’s the grader. High-quality blades typically provide a smoother finish and are much easier to work with.

Introducing the SharpGrade grader blade

Not all grader blades are created equal, and that’s certainly the case with SharpGrade. SharpGrade is one of the leading grader and attachment brands in the business. Not only are their products extremely heavy-duty and durable, but they are also designed with tremendous innovation.

Most impressively, SharpGrade is the world’s first reversible grader blade. This gives SharpGrade the ability to operate forwards and backwards. The folding wing design also offers great versatility. Essentially, it gives you all of the material containment areas of traditional graders, but you get better manoeuvrability. Importantly, all linkages are sealed for life, so you never have to worry about grease points.

Two sizes available

Depending on the scope of your grading needs, you can get Sharpgrade grader blades in two different sizes. Both have the same great features, but one has a 116-inch blade width, and the other is 128 inches.

The SharpGrade G116 (116-inch blade) is suited to skid steer loaders from 75 to 90 hp. The Sharpgrade G128 (128-inch blade) is better suited to 90-120 hp skid steer loaders. Typically, you would choose your grader based on the power and capacity of your loader, but if you need any assistance, Earthmoving Technology Solutions is always available to help.

Multi-directional operation

One of the best things about the SharpGrade grader blades is the fact they’re reversible. Traditional graders can only move forward, which limits what you can do with them. Due to SharpGrade’s reversible blades, you can move forward and backwards while levelling. You can also carry and windrow as you need.

The multi-directional operation also means better mobility around work sites. Not to mention the fact that the hydraulic side wings can swivel forward or backwards, you get so much more versatility with Sharpgrade.

Flexible operation

Sharpgrade’s patented QuadRod™ linkage positions the blade independently on both sides. The rapid sensor response increases the speed and accuracy of the leveller. Importantly, when combined with specialist QuadGrade Pro software, this QuadRod™ technology encourages much greater precision.

You also get retracting wheels on the Sharpgrade, allowing you to lift them out of the way and get your grader blade even closer to the edge. With manual operation and the ability to integrate with levelling software, you get great versatility from the Sharpgrade.

Integrating QuadGrade Pro

QuadGrade Pro is a 2D wireless machine control option that’s available with SharpGrade. The software gives you much greater operational control and, importantly, greater precision. Best of all, it connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. You don’t have any cables or wiring in the cab, because it’s completely wireless.

You can use QuadGrade Pro with laser, sonic, and slope sensors, and you get all the laser receivers and wiring to connect to any machine. It’s an optional extra, but it’s one that most operators love. If you have multiple skid steer loaders in your fleet, QuadGrade Pro is a no-brainer.

Want to know more about SharpGrade?

If you’re looking for a better grading experience, talk to the expert team at Earthmoving Technology Solutions. SharpGrade is the durable, reliable, high-performing levelling equipment you need. By integrating QuadGrade Pro, you maximise the SharpGrade even more. From road construction to building site prep, SharpBlade with QuadGrade Pro is the ultimate professional solution that transforms the way you work.

We offer SharpGrade products both for sale and hire. So, whether your needs are short-term or long-term, we’ve got a solution for you. If you’d like to know more or need honest advice about earthmoving equipment, contact the team at Earthmoving Technology Solutions today.

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