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ToolTracker has a digital tag, tracking work hours and load cycles of a machine or attachment. GPS tracking provides data of where and when unit was used.

Tool management can be applicated in a universal way – independent from tool, machine and application. Even the most basic version provides information about lifecycle of tools and enables remote maintenance:

  • The tooltracker has a digital tag: geometry, name, manufacturer, year, ID, way of usage (e.g. required pressure)
  • Tracking of working hours and load cycles: collection, calculation and recognition of processes
  • GPS tracking of tool with time stamp: where and when was the tool put and how was it used


The CoPilot automates and optimizes recurring machine movements. In the case of an excavator the assistance system allows the operator to control the entire excavator arm with just one joystick, without having to operate each individual joint in the excavator arm. This enables:

  • Automatic grading
  • Automatic grading at an inclination of -100% to +100%
  • Automatic control of bucket, boom and adjustable boom as well as stick
  • Automatic grading without laser and GPS – no external reference necessary