SharpGrade TurfGrader

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Boost your box blade with an integrated power rake mounted to the frame. The TurfGrader Power Rake Accessory allows you to level and rake over turf or soil, removing and breaking up stones.

Prepare contoured surfaces for sowing using manual or machine control. Adjustable from 2.5” (60mm) below to 6″ (150mm) above grading height, anytime. Revert back to a standard box blade in 30 seconds with the quick release function.

QuadGrade Pro

QuadGrade Pro is a 2D Wireless machine control option for all SharpGrade Grading attachments. No cables in the cab, no harness, just connect through your smartphone via Bluetooth.

QuadGrade Pro can be used with laser, sonic, and slope sensor. Quadgrade Pro comes with screen, valve driver, laser recievers, all wiring needed to equip to any machine. If you have various CTL manufactures across your fleet, QuadGrade Pro may be the right fit for you.

SharpGrade TurfGrader can be supplied with a range of 2D machine control options, including:

  • Sonic
  • Slope
  • Laser 
  • Quadgrade

* 3D options available upon request