Wheel Loader Weighing Systems

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MOBA’s HLC weighing system determines the exact weight of the material quickly and reliably to improve production efficiency and loading cycle times. The system adds up the weight of the material in each bucket and displays a running total loaded onto the truck for easy load management.

Preventing over and underloading reduces truck turn-arounds and improves fleet efficiency, while also reducing your risk to overload fines. Customer and material lists created by you can be easily loaded individually from a USB stick.

Key Features:

  • Easy operation through full touch display
  • Scratch-proof screen
  • Fast start up
  • Reverse camera (optional)
  • Printer (optional)
  • Bucket position sensor for additional compensation
  • Tip off function
  • Remote support
  • Self system check and diagnostic
  • 8 data-lists with up to 1000 entries each
  • Data transfer to MOBA Cloud
  • Data storage on USB-Stick

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