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MOBA Mobile Automation

MOBA Mobile Automation is at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing industries with intelligent automation and control systems. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for optimizing processes, we empower businesses to achieve higher efficiency, productivity, and safety. Our cutting-edge solutions bring precision, accuracy, and real-time data insights to the civil construction and agriculture industries to name a few. At MOBA we believe in shaping the future by harnessing the power of automation, enabling our clients to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving world. Together, we build smarter, more sustainable technologies for a better tomorrow.


SharpGrade is a family-owned business based in Hamilton, New Zealand, with an extensive background in specialised hydraulic systems and mobile machine design. SharpGrde units have been sold worldwide in Europe and the USA, and have had extensive customer input to develop it to the stage where it is arguably the best box blade leveller in the world.
SharpGrade continually innovate and have been granted numerous patents regarding laser grading technology, reflecting our commitment to the industry. SharpGrade products have more “world first” features and options that increase accuracy and productivity than any other brand

David's Dozer V-Loc System

David’s Dozer V-Loc System is an all-in-one grading attachment that provides a priceless grading method so you can do deliver the best job, quickly and efficiently. ETS are proud Australian distributors of the Dozer V-Loc System, created by David Armas in the USA.

The key to the product’s advancement is that the V-Loc System has been developed from the ground up by someone who has sat in the operator’s seat for many years and therefore understands every aspect and challenge of the grading cycle.

Safety Shield

Safety Shield is the most advanced AI human form recognition safety system available on the market, developed specifically for the construction industry over the past decade. It can be fitted to any type of plant, for industries such as construction, rail, mining, demolition, and waste.

 The system cleverly integrates AI human form recognition with strategically placed HD cameras to alert to warn the driver of a pedestrian in close proximity to their machine. The Safety Shield system scans and detects all objects around it, but the advanced technology will only alert the operator to pedestrians and vulnerable site personnel entering the danger recognition zones.

GKD Technologies

GKD Technologies supply construction and industrial sectors with the next generation of flexible, modular safety solutions. Their industry-leading, innovative products provide effective control measures to keep people safe, protect investment in machines and equipment, and help to increase productivity. Market-leaders since 1994, their product range provides customers with single or multiple function control of height, slew and load, through to advanced Rated Capacity Indicators that deliver fully integrated machine control.


BMAir International stands for the cleanest air possible in every polluted mobile work environment. That is a dire necessity. Every day, dozens of machine operators are exposed to hazardous substances, a heavy and unnecessary toll on the body. BMAir develops pressurised filter systems for cabins to arrange the cleanest air possible for operator protection and optimal productivity.

Ogden Safety Systems

Ogden Safety Systems Ltd have been manufacturing and supplying radar-based Anti-Collision safety systems for over 40 years.solutions for all your collision avoidance needs.Ogden have become the go-to supplier of safety systems for a number of OEM’s and some of the largest operators across a range of sectors. Our desire to continually develop new safety technologies that address the ‘real’ issues of machine operators whilst offering an honest and reliable service is what sets us apart.