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Improve your site safety with Safety Shield, the operator’s third eye for collision avoidance.

Safety Shield uses AI technology to only detect the human form, constantly monitoring around the machine for any possible collisions. Installing is quick and simple as the Safety Shield system consists only of AI cameras, with no tags, sensors or radars. 

Customise a safety exclusion zone around your machine, and Safety Shield will alert the operator if a human form is detected in the vicinity. Available to install on all plant gear for use in construction, mining, rail, demolition and waste services.


After designing a small but very clear LED light, fitted to the front of a machine, Safety Shield created a a clearly marked button for inside the cab.

When a vulnerable site user wants to approach the machine, they are going to give a thumbs up to the operator.

Once the operator has seen the thumbs up signal, he will bring the machine to a controlled stop.

Pressing the in-cab ‘Thumbs Up’ button the machine will be disabled.

Giving the site personnel a safe way to approach the machine in line with the Thumbs Up procedure.

Automatic Emergency Braking: 

Protect your employees with technology you can count on. The AI tech brings the machines to a complete stop when the human form is detected.

Watch the video below, and ask our team for a demo.

View your machine capability:

Introducing the construction industry’s most flexible, accurate and powerful object detection alert system. Detect any object in the radar’s field of view, and keep your operators aware of dangers behind their heavy machinery or construction vehicle. The Ogden range includes

IWS System

  • Using three detection zones the IWS can be programmed in a way which makes it suitable for any piece of mobile plant machinery.
  • Suitable for forward facing dump trucks, road sweepers, excavators, wheeled loaders, forklifts etc.


VMS System

  • VMS recognises objects that have entered into the detection zones whereupon the driver is given two warnings from the in-cab audible and visual alarms that increase with intensity the closer the object gets to the machine.
  • If the driver fails to react the system will automatically apply the brakes bringing the machine to a controlled stop.


Create a safety barrier around your equipment’s operating reach.
The GKD range combines height, slew and load control into one intelligent rated capacity indicator. Approved for use in railway environments. 

The range includes:

Series 1

  • Series 1H is a reliable height limiting system that monitors the angle of a single boom and provides a motion cut signal output.
  • Series 1S allows the machine operator to quickly and easily set left and right slew limits from the operator station.

Series 2HS+

  • Series 2HS+ offers the ability to monitor and control height, slew, or a combination of both, in real-time.
  • It is Network Rail approved for ALO and OLE operations in low performance and high performance zones.


Series 2LHS+

  • Designed to provide the ultimate safety solution for the rail industry.
  • It has an increased number of features, a larger LCD touch screen display, and is Network Rail approved for ALO and OLE operations in low and high performance zones.
  • Ideal for highway construction, the 2LHS+ offers the option of a ‘Virtual Wall’ function. The virtual wall – also known as envelope control – function can be programmed to the safe parameters of the machine’s required working area.

The BMAir filters and pressurised systems ensure that machine drivers work more safely than ever, even in polluted work environments.

Every day, dozens of machine operators are exposed to hazardous substances, a heavy and unnecessary toll on the body. BMAir develop pressurised filter systems for cabins to arrange the cleanest air possible and optimal operator protection.

Protection from hazardous substances including

  • Ammonia
  • Asbestos
  • Benzene
  • Biological Agents
  • Cyanide
  • Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Quartz
  • Soot/PAHS
  • Vinyl chloride



We provide complete protection through advanced filtration and pressure systems

  • Our driving force is your health, and after 25 years of innovative research and countless technological patents, we are able to deliver uncompromising protection.

Our control systems are top-of-the-line and user-friendly, allowing maximum control over every detail.

  • Additionally, all historical data can be easily logged.

We enable safer working conditions in all environments.

  • Clean air, even in the most polluted work environment
    Clean air in your cabin is of vital importance.