SharpGrade Box Blade

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Transform your posi track into a grader! The mono beam chassis and close coupled wheels offer low ground pressure and exceptional visibility. With a range of box blades available, you can get the same grade finish no matter your machine size. Suitable for 20hp machines right through to 120hp machines. 

Box Blades range includes:

  • B87 SharpGrade Heavy Duty 87″ (2.2m)
  • B79 Medium 79″ (2.0m)
  • B72 Compact Box Blade 72″ (1.8m)
  • B60 Junior 60″ (1.5m)

Ideal for residential pads, medium industrial flat work, curb & gutter / sidewalk prep, equestrian surfaces and sub divisions. SharpGrade Box Blades are guaranteed to make your machine more profitable.

QuadGrade Pro

QuadGrade Pro is a 2D Wireless machine control option for all SharpGrade Grading attachments. No cables in the cab, no harness, just connect through your smartphone via Bluetooth.

QuadGrade Pro can be used with laser, sonic, and slope sensor. Quadgrade Pro comes with screen, valve driver, laser recievers, all wiring needed to equip to any machine. If you have various CTL manufactures across your fleet, QuadGrade Pro may be the right fit for you.

SharpGrade Box Blades can be supplied with a range of 2D machine control options, including:

  • Sonic
  • Slope
  • Laser 
  • Quadgrade
* 3D options available upon request