GKD Rated Capacity Indicators: Ensuring Ultimate Safety with Intelligent Load Control, Seamless Compliance & Robust Performance

  • UNMATCHED SAFETY: Our intelligent system diligently monitors the load status, ensuring optimal operation and safety. It prevents overload conditions, demonstrating our commitment to employee safety and fostering a secure, confident work environment.

  • GUARANTEED COMPLIANCE: The Series 3 confidently meets UK Network Rail and European standards. This assures peace of mind in knowing your operations adhere to vital safety and quality regulations, optimising performance while ensuring smooth, trouble-free operation.

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Benefit from the precision of advanced sensor technology coupled with state-of-the-art displays. These features enhance machine operation, delivering consistent reliability and performance, even in the most demanding of conditions. Experience the power of technology with GKD.

  • OPTIMISED EFFICIENCY: Our innovative system is equipped with a built-in supervisor key switch and an action log feature, expertly designed to streamline operations. Experience increased productivity, improved management, and the ability to save precious time, all thanks to our intuitive systems.

  • EXPANDED CAPABILITIES: GKD’s unique tandem lift system allows synchronised operation of two machines, paving the way for unprecedented productivity potential. With the ability to maximise machine usability and meet complex demands with confidence, you’ll be ready for any challenge. Contact us now and transform your operations with GKD’s Series 3!

Technical features:

  • Monitors load status and machine’s lift capacity.
  • Tracks boom position, slew, gradient, rail cant, axle lock.
  • Enables safe state recovery during overload.
  • Complies with UK Network Rail and European rail standards.
  • Utilises latest sensor technology and displays.
  • Provides graduated control of hydraulic functions.
  • Has built-in supervisor key switch.
  • Logs actions for training and incident reporting.
  • Coordinates tandem lifting of two machines.
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Series 3 GKD range

"Maximise Safety, Streamline Operations with Intelligent Tandem Lifting Power.

Product Description:

In the heart of the rail industry, where efficiency, safety, and compliance are paramount, discover the transformative power of GKD’s Series 3 Rated Capacity Indicator. This isn’t just a product; it’s a solution to your everyday challenges.

Crafted with precision, the Series 3 diligently monitors load status and machine lift capacity. As a result, it safeguards your operations from overload scenarios, taking a load off your mind and fostering unshakeable confidence within your work environment.

This state-of-the-art tool doesn’t merely align with the UK Network Rail and European standards – it embraces them, offering compliance that moves beyond basic requirements, fostering a smooth, trouble-free operation.

The innovative Series 3 utilises cutting-edge sensor technology combined with premium displays. With such features at your fingertips, your operations will never miss a beat, delivering top-notch reliability and unrivalled performance, even in the most challenging conditions.

More than a tool, the Series 3 is your ally in optimising operational efficiency. With a built-in supervisor key switch and an ingenious action log feature, it streamlines your operations, helping you save precious time while enhancing productivity.

But it doesn’t stop there. Unleash the power of synchronised operation with GKD’s unique tandem lift system. Maximise machine usability, meet complex demands with assurance and pave the way towards unprecedented productivity potential.

Isn’t it time to redefine what’s possible in your workplace? Give us a call now and start your journey towards unparalleled operational success with GKD’s Series 3 Rated Capacity Indicator. The solution you’ve been waiting for is right here. Act today. Transform tomorrow