SharpGrade Grader Blade

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The world’s first reversible grader blade with hydraulic side wings. With a blade width of 116 inches and 128 inches, the SharpGrade G116 & G128 are some of the most advanced grader blade units on the market.

G116 Grader Blade

  • suited to 75-90 HP skid loaders
  • 116 inches / 2.95m

G128 Grader Blade

  • suited to 90-120HP skid loaders
  • 128 inches / 3.25m


QuadGrade Pro

QuadGrade Prois a 2D Wireless machine control option for all SharpGrade Grading attachments. No cables in the cab, no harness, just connect through your smartphone via Bluetooth.

QuadGrade Pro can be used with laser, sonic, and slope sensor. Quadgrade Pro comes with screen, valve driver, laser recievers, all wiring needed to equip to any machine. If you have various CTL manufactures across your fleet, QuadGrade Pro may be the right fit for you.

SharpGrade’s folding wing design offers the material containment of a box blade, but with more manoeuvrability. Cut, carry or windrow material forwards or backwards, with twin blades and hydraulic side wings that swivel forward or backwards. All linkages are sealed for life, so no grease points to worry about.

SharpGrade Grader Blades can be supplied with a range of 2D machine control options, including:

  • Sonic
  • Slope
  • Laser
  • Quadgrade
* 3D options available upon request